Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Services

What makes the Office for Academic Support different?

The Office for Academic Support is a network of British academics who research or work at UK higher education institutions or who have graduated from such institutions. Our team comprise of PhD supervisors, lecturers, retired professors, EAP (English for Academic Purposes) specialists and language teachers. We offer a premium service, focused on enhancing your learning gain, fulfilled by professionals who can truly give you the support and advantage you need. Indeed, our network include the very people who will be grading your assignments.

Why are your services split between Academic and Applications?

We really value the principles of academic honesty and integrity. At the same time, we recognise that an international body of students necessitates a broad range of learning styles, some of which are paradoxical or seemingly contradictory to Western conceptions of learning.

Orders within our Academic stream are treated as assignments which will be submitted for academic credit. Knowing this, we are able to uphold and promote academic integrity and ensure that we do not facilitate academic misbehaviour or the avoidance of learner responsibilities. In fact, our academics seek to promote our academic principles in the feedback they provide.

Orders within our Applications stream are documents which will not be submitted for academic credit. For such projects, we have a lot more freedom to slice and re-write our Client’s personal statement or CV to the fullest extent. In both cases, our aim is to help our clients win by supporting them in their learning gain and aspirations.

I failed my assignment and want to use Proofreading to make sure I pass this time. Can you guarantee that I will pass my assignment resubmission?

The best way to avoid having to resubmit your assignment is taking the time to work hard on responding to the assignment requirements. We encourage you to use our academic support services the first-time round; if our academics find a critical weakness, their feedback will advise you of this.

We work with many students who are resubmitting assignments. We know how important it is for you to succeed. Proofreading and editing can provide a great deal of support, but essentially your supervisor will mark you according to the assignment requirements. Therefore, factors such as your critical analysis, depth of reading and how you demonstrate your understanding of the subject will all be very important to the marking criteria. For this, you should use our Proofreading with Assignment Feedback service. To gain knowledge on primary and secondary sources, consider using the Article Summary service if you are struggling to understand or integrate your reading into your research. If you are struggling to start or structure your assignment, we recommend Assignment Structure.

What does each service include?

All of our services are through and comprehensive. We return all documents sent to us free of spelling or grammar errors. For precise information about what’s included in each service, please check the relevant Service Order Page, or download a Service Information Sheet for your information.


Proofreading with Assignment Feedback

Article Summary

Assignment Structure

Research Proposal

Personal Statement

Curriculum Vitae

Who will work on my document?

If you have placed an order for an Academic service, your document(s) will be sent to our team of British-educated academics. They are highly qualified and many of them are academics or researchers presently working in the UK higher education sector. These are the same people who have teaching, marking or dissertation supervision responsibilities.

If you have placed an order for an Applications service, your document(s) will be sent to our team of career specialists who are experts in crafting winning Personal Statements and CVs. They have many years’ experience in helping clients achieve success in their applications, whether for a research position, further study, or employment.

Do you write essays?

Absolutely not. If you are a student and are thinking of paying someone to write your essay or assignment for you, we urge you to reconsider.

We know you are under great pressure to succeed. But if you decide to pay someone to help you cheat, it will not only risk your education but also damage your character and affect your entire future.

Now is the time to be strong and stand firm in your character and integrity. Intense academic studies are designed to be challenging. Now is the time to reveal who you really are under pressure. This is why we have “Don’t Panic” on the front of our web site and offices. We are here to help you not only to succeed, but to learn how to succeed. Please visit the Resources page for free and helpful study support materials.

If you have any questions, personal problems or need advice, don’t keep it to yourself! Contact our team in confidence at Hundreds of clients and students contact us every month. You are not alone.

How much does each service cost?

The cost for each service is detailed on the respective Service Order Page. For information about discounts, please visit The Vault.

Am I eligible for a discount?

Yes! We give away thousands of Discount Coupons every month. These can be found on our advertisements, educational support materials and from your friends. You should also check out The Vault, where former clients donate unused discount coupons. Simply enter the coupon code when you place your order to apply the discount straight away.

We also give away Discount Coupons to our clients in order to help them financially so that they have a better chance of being successful academically. You can check your discount coupons at any time in the “My Rewards” section of your account, here.

Please note that in order to maximise your chances of success, we encourage students to plan and prepare for their assignments well in advance. Taking academic studies seriously involves managing and preparing your time effectively. Therefore, do not offer discounts for jobs which have a deadline of less than 24 hours.

How long does each service take?

The Office for Academic Support is an extensive network of British academics, scholars and teachers spread across the globe. Our team operates across all time zones. We are able to respond to client orders with market-leading speed and professionalism. We know you want your completed document(s) returned quickly, so we aim to complete all orders within a 24-hour time frame. Documents sent with a deadline of 24 hours or less are considered as emergency orders.

Although we are able to return your completed documents quickly, we never compromise on quality. We always send your document back according to our Minimum Service Standards.

Do you have an express service?

We aim to have client orders completed to an excellent standard and returned before your stated deadline. Generally, we aim to return all client orders within 24 hours.

If you have an emergency or require your order to be completed and returned in less than 24 hours, please let us know by contacting our Client Manager on WeChat, or by replying to the Order Confirmation Email.

I have a deadline which is less than 24 hours away, can you still help me?

Of course! We have a professional team prepared to deal with tight deadlines and emergency situations. Simply place your order as normal using the Service Order Form, and our team will identify jobs which have a deadline of less than 24 hours.

Can you check the similarity rate of my document?

If you have selected the Proofreading with Assignment Feedback service, the academic working on your paper will notify you where you need to address issues around your use of sources and correct referencing.

What happens to my document after I place an order?

After you have placed your order using the Service Order Page, your document will be sent securely to the relevant team, depending on whether your order is for an Application or is an Academic submission. Distinguishing between Academic and Non-Academic jobs is very useful for us. It enables us to ensure your document goes to the right specialist, and also ensures that the Office for Academic Support is able to safeguard and promote good learning habits and uphold academic integrity.

For Academic jobs: your document will be sent securely to our team of academics. This team includes current researchers, markers and teachers. We will aim to place your document with an academic who specialises in your field, to maximise your learning gain.

For Application jobs: your document will be sent securely to our team of applications experts. This team contains a mixture of academics and recruitment professionals who work together to craft winning documents for you.

You can track the progress of your order, and download completed documents in the My Documents section of your user account.

Do you make the changes for me, or do you just make recommendations? How can I tell what changes you have made?

We make all of the changes for you. We use a combination of highlights and the Track Changes (review) function. Depending on the service, we include notes for your attention or specific academic feedback for you to consider. All corrections and edits are completed for you. If you would like to see examples of our work, please check out the relevant pages:

For Academic services, here.

For Non-Academic services, here.

Please remember, it remains your responsibility to check and approve our changes.

What are Private Client services?

We are able to provide advisory, advocacy and intervention services for clients in special or emergency situations. In the past, we have helped our private clients successfully navigate the following challenges:

  • Assignment/Degree Failure
  • Examination Resits (with or without residence)
  • Visa and Immigration Issues
  • Employer Disciplinary Cases
  • Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneurship Visa Applications
  • Letters of Reference and Endorsements
  • Health Complications/Unplanned Pregnancy

Each client has a different situation. Please remember that we are on your side and want you to succeed. If you have a special situation, please get in touch by emailing We succeed when you succeed.

Will your academic support services help me gain better marks?

Research undertaken by the Office for Academic Support surveyed a sample of 2,575 professors, academics and researchers teaching in the top 20 Business Schools in the United Kingdom. A summary of the findings is presented below:

  • “Poor sentence construction makes a significant difference in the time needed to mark assignments” – 80% did not disagree with this statement.
  • “A service that provides academic proofreading before an assignment submission would improve grades of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students” – 88.6% did not disagree with this statement.
  • “I would recommend an academic proofreading service which offered advice and feedback on proper sentence construction to me EFL students” – 87.5% did not disagree with this statement.

We work with EFL students on foundation courses to peer-reviewed professors seeking their next manuscript publication. For students, we know the services we provide add value to your academic journey. However, our focus is not just to help you “pass” an assignment. We want to help you learn how to be excellent, so that you can pass assignments both now and in the future. We succeed when our clients succeed.

Will your application support services help me succeed in gaining the position applied for?

Ultimately, the success of your application will depend on many different factors. We will help you succeed in gaining the position you are applying for, whether it is an academic position (e.g. postgraduate research/PhD) or employment, by assisting you to the fullest possible extent. Our Personal Statement and Curriculum Vitae services will give you the edge you need, supporting you to be successful in the application process. Our aim is to differentiate you, identifying you as active, assertive, and ready for the role you are applying for.

We have helped clients gain entry into undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Cambridge, Oxford, UCL and Imperial College London, amongst others. We have been successful in helping clients achieve jobs in fintech and financial services, management consultancy, accounting, media, marketing, communications, government and many others. We give our best to help you become the best. We succeed when our clients succeed.

If you would like to read previous customer testimonials, please visit our Feedback page here.

Is proofreading and editing of an academic assignment allowed?

Yes, university policies allow and supervisors often encourage ELF students to have their academic assignments proofread and polished before final submission. It is standard procedure for researchers and academics seeking peer-review publication to have their manuscripts proofread beforehand. Indeed, it has traditionally been the role of your personal tutor/academic supervisor to proofread your assignment submissions during the feedback stage. Unfortunately, changes in the higher education sector are resulting in less time available for supervisors to provide such a level of service.

The Office for Academic Support surveyed a sample of 2,575 professors, academics and researchers teaching in the top 20 Business Schools in the UK. Over 87% would “recommend an academic proofreading service which offered advice and feedback on proper sentence construction to EFL students”.

Are your services private and confidential?

Yes, 100%. All of our team are subject to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which is a legally-binding document prohibiting them from revealing any details about clients.

Do you sell essays?

No. This is a really negative practice. The Office of Academic Support is actively against it.

Placing Your Order

How can I make payment?

Payment is made when you complete the Service Order Form. Don’t forget to apply any Discount Coupons you may have!

What is my Due Date and Deadline?

On the Service Order Form, the Due Date and Deadline is the date and time (respectively) you want our team to complete and return your order by. This is the latest date and time we will return your completed order to you. Therefore, if you are sending an academic document, please do NOT put your departmental due date and deadline.

Always allow yourself some time in between receiving your completed order from us, and the deadline set by your university or academic department. Remember, good time management is an essential skill for you, both now and in the future.

I made a mistake with my order! Is it too late to change this?

It is very important you take your time and complete the Service Order Form correctly. We will complete your order based on the information you provide when placing your order.

As per our Terms, it is up to the Client to ensure they submit correct information when completing the Service Order Form. However, if you have identified a mistake, please contact us as soon as possible and we will endeavour to make adjustments for you when possible.

You can contact our Client Manager on WeChat or reply to the Order Confirmation Email your order relates to. We will always respond to you as a matter of urgency. We succeed when our clients succeed. We do not want you to fail!

I gave you the wrong deadline. Is it possible to get my document back sooner?

It is very possible, but please inform us straight away! You should contact us by replying to the Order Confirmation Email, or by contacting the Client Manager on WeChat. Do not change the email’s subject line.

Please remember, the best way of avoiding mistakes is to take your time and make sure all your details are correct the first time. Documents which must be completed within 24 hours of submission are not eligible for discount.

I need to cancel my order. What should I do?

The Office for Academic Support works to very tight deadlines, sometimes as short as only a few hours. We have a world-leading system to ensure our network of academics can complete your order as swiftly and as efficiently as possible. It is therefore very likely that the relevant specialist academic is already working on your document just minutes after placing your order.

If you need to cancel your order for whatever reason, please contact our team by replying to your Order Confirmation Email. Do not change the email’s subject line. Alternatively, you can contact our Client Manager on WeChat.

Once we receive your request to cancel your order, we will immediately stop working on your document, and you will be billed pro rata for the amount of work already undertaken.

My stated deadline has passed, and I have not received my document. What should I do?

Please check your email inbox and/or junk or spam folder for your document. You will receive your document before your stated deadline. We never miss client deadlines.

However, if you are nearing your deadline and you cannot find your completed document in your inbox, you should contact the Client Manager via WeChat as soon as possible. If you do not use WeChat, please reply to your Order Confirmation Email, and we will reply to you as a matter of urgency.

If, in the extremely unlikely case that your stated deadline has passed and we have not completed your document, you will be refunded in full.

I have completed the Service Order Form successfully, but I have not received a confirmation email from Jack. What should I do?
Please check your junk (or spam) folder; if you have not used our services before, the Order Confirmation Email might have gone in there.

If you still cannot find the Order Confirmation Email, this might mean that we have not received your order! Please contact the Client Manager via WeChat or try to place your order again.

Be careful to spell your email correctly! If you have made a mistake in your email, you obviously will not receive your Order Confirmation Email, and we will not be able to successfully return your completed document.

Jack Writer is not responsible for missed assignment deadlines due to incorrect order information being provided. Please kindly check and double-check all details before placing your order.

I have completed the Service Order Form and have clicked "Submit", but the page just continues to load, and the order has not been sent. What should I do?
Please wait 30 seconds. If you do not receive a success message in a green box below the Service Order Form, please contact the Client Manager via WeChat, as this might be due to a technical issue.
I'm not sure what due date or deadline I should put.

When placing your order, the “Due Date” and “Deadline” are the date and time by which we will return your completed document to you. Therefore, you should not put your departmental deadline and due date: always allow some time for you to check our changes, read our feedback and to allow for any unforeseen circumstances. It is very important you plan your time during your academic studies.

There is a technical problem with the Service Order Form. What should I do?

Please email as soon as possible. Alternatively, please contact the Client Manager via WeChat as soon as possible

What email address should I use?

You can use any email address. You do not have to use your university email address. We will return your completed document to the email address you use, so please make sure that the email address you provide is correct and that you have access to it by the time of your deadline.

Please Note: Some clients have reported issues in receiving emails when using their QQ email account. To avoid this, it is best to use a non-QQ email account.

Do you require my real name?

Contacting the Office for Academic Support


Can I add you on WeChat?

Sure! Our WeChat ID is: JackWriter-GB
Please keep in touch with us. We love to hear about our Client success stories.

How can I leave feedback about the service I received?

Thank you for wanting to leave us feedback. Please sign in to your account. On the My Orders page, you will be able to leave feedback for each individual completed job.

We take your feedback very seriously and will pay close attention to everything you say. We succeed when our clients succeed.

I am experiencing visa issues. Can you help me?

The Office for Academic Support is always looking for ways to help our clients. If you have a question or issue about your visa, we will be delighted to offer any advice or assistance that we can. Contact us here.

I am experiencing problems at my University. Can you help me?

The Office for Academic Support is always looking for ways to help our clients. If you have a question or issue about your university or are experiencing problems there, we will be delighted to offer any advice or assistance that we can. Contact us here.

I intend to apply for a Tier 1 Entrepreneurship Visa through my university. Can you help me?

Absolutely. Many of our clients have an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to establish a business in the UK or Europe. The Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneurship visa programme is the perfect opportunity to make your business idea a reality. We have successfully supported a number of clients through this process.

If you have a business idea and are thinking of applying for the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneurship visa through your University, please get in touch with us. We can provide guidance and support for your application, from developing your business proposal to presenting it to your University’s Enterprise Pathway Manager. Contact us here.